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We want your ideas!

The Akbaraly Foundation believes that international aid has to be founded first and foremost on ideas, that’s why we want to know what you really think about our activities. In order to improve our cancer response system, which do you think is the priority? Which action do you want to support?

which action do you want to support?


Talking about the disease is already the first step toward healing.

Support our communication campaigns.


In order to increase the number of medical students, the Akbaraly Foundation has always worked with its international partners in order to find scholarships for more students. Until now, thanks to our work more than 70 students had the possibility to study, but with your help we can do much more than this.


Due the social and economic conditions the prevention and the treatment for cancer are extremely poor in Madagascar.

Thanks to our center many women have already been saved, help us to preserve the life of other women.


We are looking to discover more information about the disease in order to make our Intervention more efficient. Help us/p>

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