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This year, the Great Red Island, Madagascar, has become sadly known for a tragic event: the outbreak of plague, who has already made many victims.

The epidemic of pneumonic plague in Madagascar was first notified to the OMS on the 13th of September 2017, after being detected on the 11th of the same month following the death of a 47-year-old woman who had been admitted to the Soaviandriana hospital with pulmonary complications. After receiving confirmation that it was indeed a case of pneumonic plague, the local sanitary and epidemiological department (DVSSE) immediately started thorough investigations on the terrain. On the 6th of October, at least 279 cases of plague had been notified, including 187 cases of pneumonic plague, 88 cases of bubonic plague, 1 case of septicemic plague and 3 non-descript cases, with 41 deaths (14,7% mortality rate).

Contrarily to what happened during the previous years, the epidemic spread to the great urban areas, including the capital and the main harbours, which increased the risk of contagion.
In this situation, the Akbaraly Foundation, guided by its President, Mrs. Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly, decided to take responsibility and do whatever it could to help.

Currently, the epidemic has been stopped, but the plague is still latent in Madagascar. That is why the Foundation has decided to give people the means to fights this terrible disease, by teaching them basic hygiene practices and helping with the sanitation of vulnerable areas.

Working in collaboration with 3 local partners, the Carmelite nuns of Ilanivato, the Loharano NGO and the St. Joseph of Aosta nuns, the Foundation donated necessary medication, organized awareness campaigns and donated materials for the sanitization of schools and clinics.


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