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The Italian Ambassador, Mr. Alessandro Cevese, a close friend of Mr. and Mrs. Akbaraly, passed away in April 2008. The Akbaraly family decided then to dedicate a wing of the “Candide Hospital” to his memory. So, the Cevese family created the Alessandro Cevese Association, whose aim is to support our activities in Mahajanga. Last year, the Association donated 10,000 Euros to the Hospital and, this year, its representatives participated to the official inauguration of the Center. (Read the news).

Furthermore, the Cevese Association managed to procure 25 boxes of “trocars”, surgical instruments that are needed to perform breast biopsies. This precious gift ensures the Hospital the necessary stock for the entirety of next year and represents a step forward in the collaboration between the Akbaraly Foundation and the Alessandro Cevese Association for our women and for the fight against cancer.

This is what Doctor Candide said: “Our health center received 25 boxes of trocars, which we use for breast biopsies – now we have enough stock to last the entirety of 2017! We want to thank the Cevese family from the bottom of our hearts as well as the whole Cevese Association for procuring this precious gift for us. We would also like to thank Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly and Mrs. Claudette for delivering them to us.

Thank you all so much!”


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