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The Akbaraly Foundation supports the GIAHC's activities

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: the GIAHC celebrates by presenting the voices of patients in a dance-medicine narrative (watch the video).

Since cervical cancer is something that affects the whole life and experiences of an individual, understanding the patients’ stories requires a suitable medium to connect the observer to the patient. That is why dance, moving and rhythm are used to tell stories and embody the narratives of women who battled cervical cancer. The piece reflects the stories of the survivors, encourages women to have regular screenings to prevent the disease and recognizes the importance of individual stories and feelings.

The Akbaraly Foundation supports and sponsors the activities of the GIAHC (Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer) in India and Malaysia. The GIAHC promotes preventive screening against cervical cancer, with the aim of offering to every woman the chance to be vaccinated, to prevent this disease and to be able to cure it in its initial stages. Furthermore, the GIAHC promotes health education, training of medical professionals and health workers, as well as a number of awareness-raising activities on a community level.

Recently, the GIAHC participated to a conference at the University of Malaya about the need for preventive screening against cervical cancer, which saw the attendance of more than 100 medical professionals. Malaysia is also one of the first nations to introduce the HPV vaccine in its school health system. (read more)


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