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Support and education for impoverished and orphan children

For the current school year, 2017/2018, over a hundred orphans and impoverished children have been enrolled or re-enrolled in different schools throughout the country, thanks to the support and the commitment of our sponsors. The Fihavanana Association takes care of the school fees and the monthly expenses, and gives the children all the necessary school supplies according to their needs.

The children’s results in school have been excellent, with every single one of them managing to move to the following grade after their yearly exams. 

Their families are also very happy, because now their children have the same opportunities as any other child: they can go to school and avoid becoming street children.

“We think and we hope”, said one of the children’s mothers, “that thanks to the Fihavanana Association our children will be able to make their dreams come true. We make sure that they study and do their homework, because we know that education is fundamental to achieve a better place in society”.

All the children and their families want to thank the Fihavanana Association, Mrs. Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly and especially their sponsors for giving them a ray of hope for a better future.


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