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ANDRIAMIADY Tantely Mahefa

I’m, Mahefa Tantely ANDRIAMIADY, 33 years old, married, I have two children (11 years old son and 6 years old daughter) I live with my family and I really love them.

I’ve been living with this breast cancer since 2014, one day, when I took my bath I felt a very strange bottom on my left breast, as I used to work in a textile company, we had our private medical Center, I went directly to the doctor and explain to him what’s happen.   He prescribed a lotion to apply into my breast for some days. But it became more and more painful, I returned to see him again. 

He recommended me to see directly an oncologist. After some medical analysis, I had a nodule, then I was obliged to do a mammography, the result, I had a breast cancer, I need to be operated as soon as possible. 

I was very upset of this terrible news, I didn’t know what to do, in one word it’s a very strong shock for me. My husband didn’t say anything when I told to him that I had a breast cancer and need an urgent. The night seems very long to me, the same problem appears night by night.  I was still thinking about the expenses that I have to prepare, I am not working since my employee knew that I had a breast cancer, consequently, I had financial problem, whereas I had to find 800 000 Ariary for my operation. 

However, I never stop praying, I was still thinking about the future of  my two children, then I have in my mind that whatever my problem, I hope that I had to face of this disease and I will get over of it. 

Thanks to my friends help, I could collect all the money by selling some cakes, necessary for the surgical operation that I had to do as soon as possible.  Following to the suggestion of my family and my friends,   I was decided to go to a public Hospital in Mahitsy, for my breast surgery, I met directly the doctor, he was very kind, we had a very long conversation, the surgical operation was successfully done. 

After that, I should have done 2 chemotherapies, however I could not do it because of a financial problem, even if the doctor told me that this will be the best treatment that I have to do, I begun the first chemotherapy on September 2015, in order to help me to afford all the therapy, the doctor suggested me to go the Foundation Akbaraly. 

This Foundation supported me financially as they could do, I never forget the first day I went there, I felt that I was in a good hand, from this time I belong to a family of this Foundation, this is my second home, I went there when I’m not in a good mood, especially when I had health problem even if just to see the doctor and the staffs, they are so kind with us. 
We, patients, really love the Foundation, a best place for all of us to share our experience, to express our sympathy and to get some courage, it’s very important because it really helps us to fight against this disease. Thanks to you help, your support, we can survive sometimes we forget our disease. 

Thank you very much Mrs Cinzia, I hope we will meet one day.

“Live the present moment, do not waste time for anything, do not wait for tomorrow if you have something that you have to do, each day has its sense”. 

I have also a message to the Ministry of Health in Madagascar, public hospital’s services like CHU-HJRA need to be ameliorated and need more control, because there is not any consideration to cancer’s patients. Furthermore, they are very severe, not serious and create some difficulties, not only patients become a clinical experimentation but surgical operation’s cost is very expensive. We are afraid, instead of fighting against our illness we fight also against other things; we are afraid. 

Nowadays, I’m feeling better than before, even if I need to take some medicines for several years. It’s not a problem to me, I’ve got a new life, and so, I’m decided to look for a new job.



Testimonial by the parents of a young child suffering from leukemia, Nicky

It’s Christmas, and there is no better time to share our story with you all, and tell you that God exists and helps us through the activities of all the charitable organizations, and especially the Akbaraly Foundation.

Eight months ago, completely unexpectedly, the doctors told us that our youngest son, Nicky, was suffering from leukaemia (blood cancer). We were shocked and completely distraught. But even worse, we did not have the financial means to pay for the chemotherapy sessions, which are extremely costly here. Luckily, or better yet, miraculously, God made us find the Akbaraly Foundation, which covered most of our expenses. Nicky has suffered a lot, he was even close to giving up at some points. Thank God, he’s recovering and feeling better now: his hair has even started to grow back!

On December 26 we met Mrs. Cinzia, the President of the Foundation, and introduced her to Nicky. Most importantly, we have told her how eternally grateful we are for the precious help that she has granted us. Currently, Nicky has to follow a treatment regime for 18 months, but we are confident that he will make a full recovery and that God will not abandon us.

Our most profound gratitude to Mrs. Cinzia, long live the Akbaraly Foundation!

Merry Christmas!


Pink October

Sister Damien – of the Providence congregation that works in the leper village of Ilena

It’s a pleasure for me to share my happiness and to let you know that the women of Ilena are among the first ones that have come to the Rex Center for the screening. The entire village is now sure that all the women are healthy, they have nothing to fear, they can take care of their families, go to work and live their lives with no worries. Thank you for this wonderful initiative to the amazing team of the Rex Center.

A woman from the leper village of Ilena

After collecting the results of my Pap Test and my mammogram, I can happily say that, like all the other women in my village, I can sleep like a baby, without any worries. I am healthy, my family is very happy. I encourage all the women to come to the Rex for a screening: it doesn’t hurt, we shouldn’t be scared or ashamed because this issue touches us all. Our entire life could be turned upside down in a heartbeat.

Here, we have the opportunity to have a mammogram and a Pap test for free during the month of October, so we are very thankful to the Foundation and to the Rex team for this.

Two volunteers of the Malagasy Red Cross

As volunteers working to raise awareness, it is hard for us to convince the women to come for a screening if we don’t know how the whole process works. That is why we have also come to the Rex for a screening and we are very satisfied with the results, we are not scared anymore and we also have another big advantage now: we can offer other women real proof of what we tell them. We can now raise awareness and share our experience at the same time, which is very important for our mission.



Divorced mother of 4, whose family is supported by the Fihavanana Association

Lastest testimonial

I first met Mrs. Cinzia 15 years ago.

Like every day, in order to make a living, I had to go with 3 of my children to a building supply shop in order to collect some tile scraps that I then sold at the market.

Mrs. Cinzia was in her car, and stopped right by us. At first I got scared, but then I noticed that she was smiling and saying good morning to us, so I felt reassured and I stopped to talk to her. She asked me for my address and wanted to know why the children were with me as opposed to being in school, so I explained our family situation to her. After I had talked to her, I was delighted, because she had told me to find a school for my children and that her Association, called FIHAVANANA, was going to take charge of all the expenses. She gave us the address of her office and told us to bring all the necessary documents (schooling expenses, supplies, uniforms…) as soon as we could. So, we made a swift return home in order to drop off the bags destined to the tile scraps, and we went looking for the nearest school.

I have to admit that, without the Fihavanana Association, my children and I would have had to live in the streets, I had nothing, absolutely nothing…It was impossible for me to send them all to school, and I thought it was unfair to enrol only one child and leave the others at home. My husband, whom I had relied upon, had abandoned us completely. But now this doesn’t discourage me anymore, because thanks to Mrs. Cinzia and the Fihavanana Association I have found happiness again. I hope that all my children will find a good place in society; all of them like studying and are among the best in their class. I will never let them quit school, I am very strict: even though I, myself, am illiterate, I don’t let them neglect their studies.

My children are very conscious of the importance of the financial support of the Fihavanana Association for us, because it allows us to live a life like everybody else’s; not only do they pay for our monthly rent, but also for the schooling expenses (as all my children go to a private school), not to mention the school supplies that we receive for free at the beginning of every school year.

In a word, a thousand times THANK YOU to Mrs. Cinzia and to the entire FIHAVANANA Association.


Families supported by the Fihavanana Association

Lastest testimonial


Married, mother of 2. I am a homemaker, and my husband works in construction. To be honest, since we are day labourers, it is difficult for us to face all our daily expenses.

Despite our difficulties, ever since the Fihavanana Association has started supporting the school expenses for our children, we have managed to find a certain stability. Our mission is to give our children all they need to have a healthy life, go to school and reach their goals.

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank the Fihavanana Association for its precious aid, because without it my children would have had to interrupt their schooling after finishing the elementary school.


Mother of 2. As most houses do not have access to clean water, my job is to bring barrels of potable water to some of the families who live in my village. My family, on the other hand, sells stoves made of scrap iron and tin.

We don’t have a fixed salary, so we have to work every day to make our living. We are very happy to have found the Fihavanana Association, who accepted to support the schooling expenses of our children ever since preschool. My oldest daughter, Anna, is in fifth grade now. I am very glad to say that my children, just like all other children, have the opportunity to go to school and create a better future for themselves. We can truly say that, even if we are poor, we are happy and we thank God for giving us our children, who are our wealth. They have all had good results in school, so we really want to say THANK YOU to the Fihavanana Association.


Mother of 3. I spend my days washing my neighbours’ dirty clothes, and my husband works as a builder.

The Fihavanana Association has opened a big door for us.

We are very relieved, because the schooling expenses have a huge impact on our family budget, especially at the beginning of the school year, and it would be impossible for us to handle them.

Nevertheless, thanks to the support of the Fihavanana Association, which is very precious to us, our children have the right to go to school and will have the chance to go far and have a better future.

We all want to thank Mrs. Cinzia and the Fihavanana Association from the bottom of our hearts.


Letter written by Mr. Sofoloniaina

Father of Nicki Antoine, who suffers from acute / lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Lastest testimonial
Madam the President of the Akbaraly Foundation,
How could we ever thank you for the help you’ve granted us?

Due to the very high cost of the chemotherapy for our son Nicki, we found ourselves on the brink of bankruptcy. We didn’t know what to do.

You’ve had pity for us, and offered to meet some of the expenses for the medication. Your help allowed Nicki to get better.

We want to express our gratitude for what we consider a true show of humane compassion. We hope you will never abandon us, because unfortunately blood cancer is a long and hard battle.

We rely on your help for the future, and we thank you wholeheartedly.

Yours faithfully,



Radiologist & Echography Technician

The first time I arrived in Fianarantsoa, I was very surprised to discover the existence of the Rex Center, because in my experience, and having always worked in big hospitals in the Capital, I never knew that there could be such a state of the art center in that area.

I have started working for this Center in 2015 as a Radiologist and Echography Technician, in order to take part in the breast cancer prevention and screening activities, offering mammograms and breast ultrasounds.

As a doctor, I know that the Malagasy population as a whole does not usually seek the help of a doctor unless their disease is already in an advanced stage.

Nevertheless, thanks to the existence of the Rex Center, which fights against breast and uterine cancers, we are able to prevent cancer thanks to the awareness campaigns aimed at the population of Fianarantsoa and of the surrounding areas.

Since the Rex Center also works with some peripheral Health Centers, a greater number of women have the chance to benefit from this awareness raising action.

I would like to remark that preventive screenings are truly important, because detecting the disease early will allow for a better prognosis and the life expectancy will be longer. In terms of prices, our services are truly accessible even for the most impoverished people.

Finally, the Center has a dynamic, devoted and kind personnel who is always ready to help those in need, which to me is the most invaluable asset.

Thanks to the entire team.


Testimonials of the female convicts in the Fianarantsoa penitentiary


A convict:

This is the first time I hear that there are precautions that can be taken in order to avoid uterine and breast cancer. I can tell you that the awareness campaign carried out by the Rex team was very important to us, the convicts: before, I wasn’t at all convinced I wanted to undergo a screening, especially considering that I am in prison, so I didn’t think it was worth it and I was very scared.

Now I am a lot more knowledgeable about this topic and I am ready to tell all the women I know that these tests are necessary, and that we should all make them a priority in our lives. There aren’t always visible symptoms, and sometimes we only find out we have cancer when it is too late. We need to take care of our health.

Even though I am in prison, I can tell you I am very happy to be able to have a Pap smear and a breast exam for free here, not to mention they have also taught us how to perform a self-exam. These experiences have been very helpful, and I can promise you that when I get out I will make it my mission to get all my acquaintances aware of this.

Another convict:

I had already heard of “awareness” and “screenings” because the Rex team had come to my husband’s place of work for a campaign. At the time, though, I had refused to participate because I thought it was a waste of time and I was also scared.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that, even though I am a convict, I am very happy that I had the opportunity to have a Pap smear and breast exam for free. This time I agreed because I finally understood that I shouldn’t neglect my health.

For us, it is very important to know that there is a health center like the Rex out there, a place where people truly care about our health and puts a kind, smiling team at our disposal.

Ms. Mamisoa Tolojanahary
(Director of the Fianarantsoa Penitentiary)

Thanks to the collaboration between the Interregional Direction of the Penitentiary Administration of the Haute Matsiatra region and the Rex center, which is a very important and unique project for the health of female prisoners in this region, we have the great advantage of being able to perform a FREE PREVENTIVE SCREENING against uterine and breast cancer. 

As director, I am responsible for this penitentiary and I have an obligation to the personnel who works in it, to their families, and most of all to the prisoners themselves. We need to set a good example for them, especially when it comes to protecting their bodies and their health, and explain that even though they are in prison, they have the right to their health and education just like any other woman. 

If these women now want to have a preventive screening, it is because we managed to convince them of the importance of our message, and that they truly are convinced of the importance of an early diagnosis for uterine and breast cancer. 

We turned to the Rex team for the awareness campaign in the penitentiary, in order to explain to the women all the necessary precautions to take and the negative effects of cancer, which they need to fight before it is too late. Moreover, the women who have already gone through the preventive screening can talk about it to their peers, which is very effective. This encourages us and gives us hope for the future: these women will not be in prison forever and, now that they have had this experience, they will remember it and share it once their sentence is over. 

I can guarantee that, when they come out of the penitentiary, they will share this experience wherever they are: this will help them reintegrate themselves into society, and they will be able to convince and help other women to prevent and fight this disease by raising awareness and promoting the importance of preventive screenings. 

All of this was possible thanks to the creation of the Rex center in the Haute Matsiatra region. We shouldn’t forget the initiative, the effort, the determination, the hard work and the strategies of the managers and the entire team, because it is important that everybody is involved in order to mobilize the population. 

In a word, we want to say thank you, because your presence is so valuable to us. 
Thank you for caring about the health of the prisoners in the Haute Matsiatra region and of our families.  

Thank you for this free preventive screening.
Thank you to the Founder of this project for saving the lives of Malagasy women.
Thank you to the Akbaraly Foundation. 
Thank you to the La Vita per Te. 


JCI (Jeune Chambre Internationale) of Fianarantsoa

Ever since the opening of this Center, we started working as partners with the Akbaraly Foundation first and then with the La Vita Per Te NGO. 

These awareness campaigns fit perfectly with the fundamental values of the JCI (Jeune Chambre Internationale), whose motto is “serving humanity is the noblest of all deeds”. 

We have walked hand in hand with the Foundation, putting our talents and capabilities at the disposal of the population thanks to this important prevention Center called “Rex”, which helps us fight agains uterine and breast cancer. 

We started carrying out several awareness campaigns with entertaining activities at the Fokontanys or in the local neighborhoods, and we immediately noticed that some women did go to the Rex for a preventive screening – a trend that continues to this day. 

Nevertheless, it is not always easy to convince women to come in for a medical examination: often, we need to go back more than once in order to explain to them that awareness and prevention are very important for them, for their families and for the whole country. 

Even though we are not medical experts, we try to explain to them the technical details of the screening tests for uterine and breast cancer as best as we can. The main goal for us is to communicate our message effectively in order to convince women, which we can only do thanks to the skills that the staff and the managers of the Rex Center have taught us. 

Simply knowing that a woman has been convinced and that she has been screened is cause for great satisfaction for us, because it means that another person will have the chance to prevent this illness: to us, it feels like saving a life, even though obviously our awareness campaigns are targeted at healthy women, as opposed to those who already suffer from cancer. 

This Center is truly part of the assets of the Haute Matsiatra region, because its doors are open to the entire population, regardless of their social status. 

Finally, we want to thank Mrs. Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly, the President and Founder of this Project, for picking Fianarantsoa as the location for this Center. We are also very grateful to the managers who work here “on the field”, as well as the staff and personnel, for their helpfulness and commitment to support the Malagasy population, and women in particular, in the fight against uterine and breast cancer.


The Soroptimist Club of Fianarantsoa

Among our other activities, cancer awareness and prevention are an important part of our mission because they can really improve a women’s life. 

As a women’s Club and a partner of the Akbaraly Foundation, we put ourselves at the disposal of the Foundation and of La Vita per Te NGO, because we really care about involving women and raising awareness on the importance of cancer prevention. 

We carry out several awareness and information campaigns, which involve university students, teachers, groups of women and a number of associations. The scope of our activities isn’t limited to the city of Fianarantsoa, but we also operate in other districts. 

Having a health center that specializes in the detection and prevention of breast and gynaecological cancers is a true privilege for the population of the Haute Matsiatra region. 

Not only is the center fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and tools, but also the most important thing is the presence of a qualified team who does its best to raise awareness and convince women to come to the Rex for a screening, in order to take care of their health. Here, this isn’t easy at all, but thanks to their talent and good will we can say that many mothers and young women have manage to escape this terrible disease. 

We want to thank the founder of this project, the managers and the entire team, BRAVO! You are doing an excellent job.


The Young Leaders of Fianarantsoa

We are an organization working for the Health and Leadership of young adolescents in Fianarantsoa and we take care of the teenagers who attend the public Center for General Education, which is part of the School District of the Haute Matsiatra Region. 

Our organization is made up of by young university students, between the ages of 18 and 25. The main targets of our missions are young people: we offer free classes on reproductive health, creating leadership and fighting cancer are part of our main activities.

Thanks to the training we received by the team at the Rex center, we had the opportunity to realize an awareness campaign trying to convince young people to get screenings to prevent cancer and explaining them the terrible consequences of this disease. In order to make them understand how important this is, we always tell them that good health is needed to contribute to the development of our country: indeed, if they were ill, they would not be able to work towards this goal and they would become a burden for their family and for society.

We also try to spread the same messages through play activities. Even though we are young, we are really passionate about this topic: all of us have a mother or a sister, and women are not the only ones who need to be aware of this issue. We actually go with our female acquaintances to the Rex center when they go get their Pap smears done. 

We are so glad we have the opportunity to work with La Vita per Te NGO and the Akbaraly Foundation, they are our main partners and we are extremely grateful for that. Thank you for thinking about the youth of Fianarantsoa, the Leaders of Tomorrow – we are lucky to have this center in our town, because it will allow the development of our region and, most importantly, of the future generations. 

We are happy to participate to this Celebration of the World Cancer Day with you all. We will continue to promote this cause and talk about this issue with young people like us, because we can all give our contribution to fight against breast and uterine cancer. 

Thank you again, our talents are completely at your disposal. 


Girl Scout Leader of Madagascar

We are here in Fianarantsoa for another mission, so we made the most of today and participated to the celebration of the World Cancer Day: you invited us, and here we are. 

We are very impressed with the organization of this event, and we really want to encourage you to continue with your work because the population needs you. 

As educators and leaders of the Girl Scout movement in Madagascar, we have an obligation to raise the girls that are part of our organization as if they were our own daughters. This is why we asked them to take part to this celebration of World Cancer Day: so that they will be aware that their health matters, because they are our future. They will all have to be responsible, so it is important that they know all the necessary precautions to take, and that a simple Pap smear can really keep us safe.

The awareness campaigns are very important to correct misconceptions, because a health problem does not necessarily mean that we have cancer.

Since we are lucky enough to have such a center in Fianarantsoa, the REX, the most important thing is to convince everybody to get screened to prevent cancer. Today we were told that we can only fight breast and uterine cancer if we work together, so I am going to try and get everybody I know involved in this fight by talking to them about preventive screenings. 

In the past this was a taboo subject: we were afraid of showing our bodies even to our doctor because we were ashamed, but now, thanks to the evolution of technology and after the opening of this center in Fianarantsoa, we can all talk about this thanks to the messages spread by the Rex’s medical personnel, which fight fear, shame and death. Furthermore, here we can benefit from a free service, which means that every social class can take full advantage of it. 

For female solidarity, we will mark this date in the history of the Girl Scouts movement, not only in Fianarantsoa but in the whole of Madagascar.



I am a 49 year old single woman, mother of an 18 year old son, I work as a washerwoman. 

On the morning of 6 May 2010, while I was taking a bath, I noticed a small lump, kind of like a bean, in my right breast. It didn’t hurt, it just bothered me a little bit, so I didn’t worry about it too much. I talked about it with my friends: some of them told me to go to the doctor, whereas others just told me to leave it alone because it wasn’t serious. 

Two months later, one of my nieces who studies Human Sciences at the University came to visit me. I told her about my situation and showed her the lump: she immediately convinced me to go to the doctor, because one of her friends had had a similar problem and it had turned out to be breast cancer. I told her that the only thing I know about cancer was that it was a true plague. 

Anyway, my niece was really insistent and set all my appointments: after a couple of months I finally got an appointment with an oncologist in a public hospital. I was treated well, I was prescribed a mammogram and all the necessary exams. The result: breast cancer. I was truly shocked, and I was also completely out of money at this point. 

I couldn’t do anything, I had to forget about it, but meanwhile the little lump became bigger, so I came back to the oncologist in September 2011. I should have done all the exams again, but I had no money, so the doctor told me to stop waiting and, after explaining all the symptoms and the evolution of this disease, told me to start chemotherapy right away, 8 cycles of it. But, as I said, I didn’t have enough money, so I came home crying, I didn’t take any medication, I didn’t do anything, didn’t listen to anybody’s advice. 

In December 2011, after a long period of reflection, I decided to talk to my family about it. All of my relatives, luckily, decided to support me and help me financially, so I came back to the oncologist for the third time and she tried to convince me to do 4 cycles of chemo and then get surgery – I agreed, I couldn’t wait to get better. 

I had my first chemo on 22 December 2011, and then another cycle every 21 days. Unfortunately, the money I had only lasted for the first three cycles, but I didn’t give up, I talked to the doctors and to the other patients to find a solution. 

In January 2012, a patient that I had shared the room with told me about the Akbaraly Foundation and accompanied me to their center, where I was welcomed by one of the managers and by her smiling, friendly team. I told them about my situation and showed them my case sheet – it was a good moment, that I will always keep in my memories. After a long conversation, the Foundation’s doctors told me to come back at the same time the next day – ever since then, the Akbaraly Foundation is in charge of all my treatment, I never skipped a chemo and everything went great. 

I still keep going to the Foundation, I am very grateful to all of you because it is only thanks to your support, assistance and encouragement that I could find the strength to live and to share with my son and my friends this life that God has given me. 

I would like to thank the Founder and President, Cinzia, for her strength and determination and for creating the Akbaraly Foundation, for thinking about the health of the Malagasy mothers and for being the only one, as far as I know, to worry about female cancers in Madagascar. 

Good luck to the whole team and long live the Akbaraly Foundation!



43 years old - married without children

“Cancer is not the end of your life”

First of all, it’s necessary to trust in God, then having a positive vision, once you begin a treatment, especially the chemotherapy, follow it carefully till the end, even if it’s very expensive. 

Share with the other person your real life experience, it may help them to realize that it’s very important to make an exchange and they can have normal life and can make new friends too. 

Finally, I’d like to be thankful to the Fondation Akbaraly, especially to the President Mrs Cinzia Akbaraly, we can have an insurance that we are not alone, your support materially and psychologically are very important, thank you for taking care of us. 

Cancer disease can be treated in Madagascar, thanks to the abilities and support of the oncologists, however, I see that antimitotic and financial problem are still an obstacle which not allowed patients to follow the treatment. It’s better to have public and private platform to support cancer’s patients. 


RAZANAZAFY Maria Goretti

51 years old, mother of three, teacher, lives 25 km from Fianarantsoa.

The mother of one of my students told me about the Pink October, because she heard about it on the radio and she had already been to the Rex. Then I decided to come to the Rex too, as soon as I could, because what I had heard about cancer was frightening.

So, I left my students with one of my colleagues and I came here: I actually arrived yesterday, but there were too many women waiting and I have been told to come back today. I am very happy to be here, I think that with my salary and the expenses for my family I would’ve never been able to pay for the mammogram and the Pap test. I repeat, I am so glad I can have these tests done for free, I feel so lucky.

We, the women of Fianarantsoa, are all very lucky to have this Center. I would like to tell every woman to come to the Rex, even if you are in town for a short time, because prevention is better than cure. 

I would like to thank all the staff sincerely for the warm welcome, for sharing their knowledge with us and teaching us how to do a breast self-exam; I am going home with a wonderful “gift” and I can’t wait to share it with my students’ mothers. As a teacher, it is my duty to teach them the terrible consequences of cancer, and to convince them all to come to the Rex.

I would also like to encourage the staff of the Center and most of all the Founder of this project and tell them to keep going, because we need you and I hope that one day all Malagasy women will be able to benefit from your services. Thank you again for your professionalism, you managed to dissipate all our fears and worries, you gave us strength and your presence in Fianarantsoa is a guarantee for our health. To me, health is in the hands of God but that doesn’t mean it should be left entirely to chance.

I think there are still some women who have not heard about this Center, so I invite everyone to keep promoting it and to encourage the women who have already been here to talk about it to their friends. 

I will also come back tomorrow for the Zumba lesson.



58 years old, mother of nine, lives 30 km from Fianarantsoa and works as a laundress.

I heard about the Pink October activities from the radio, that’s why I came to the Rex; I arrived in Fianarantsoa yesterday morning for the Pap test and I had a mammogram done today, because I worry about my health. I spent all my savings to come here, between the travel expenses and the meals, but I don’t care about that. I would rather come to the Rex for a screening; I am not scared of it: it’s important to know everything about one’s health. I feel safe here, and I want to come back. I’ve been taught a lot about women’s health, especially the breast self-exam, and when I’ll come home I’ll teach it to my daughters and explain everything to them. All the staff is very kind and the doctors are nice, too. 

The most important things to do, in my opinion, are the mammogram and the Pap test: they don’t hurt and they don’t take a long time. Even after this month, I invite all the women in Fianarantsoa to come to the Rex. You have to take care of your health, because we as women have a very important role in our families and we need to take care of ourselves. You shouldn’t be scared. 

Finally, I would like to thank those responsible for this project: you really take care of the poor, you give us new life, because if we were ill we would have to spend so much more than we do now. I’m glad I have to come back to the Rex to get the results of my tests. Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff!



53 years old, mother of five, housewife. 

I consider myself a friend of this Center, I’ve been coming here since 2012, the first time I had a Pap test done, and I come back every 3 years. After my first exam, the doctor noticed some issues and prescribed me some medication for a year. In 2015 I had a check-up and I’m completely fine now. In the same year, I was also invited to have a mammogram done and I’ve been taught how to do the breast self-exam. Ever since then I have never stopped doing it and I’ve talked about it with everybody, especially my children. 

I am the responsible of my parish, and I encourage everybody, and most of all young women, to come to the Rex to have a Pap test and a mammogram done, I talk about this as often as I can, because it is very important to be aware of our health. It helps us be stronger; it reassures us and helps us to take care of ourselves. “It is better to prevent than to cure”. 
I thank God for Madam President and her family, for their devotion and love for the Malagasy people, and for accepting this great mission to save the life of Malagasy women. She truly gave all of herself to us. 

This Center is a real treasure for me and for all those who live in Fianarantsoa, it’s part of the Patrimony of our country and of the Haute Matsihatra region. 

I would like to thank the Akbaraly Foundation and all the staff of the ONG La Vita Per Te for their strength, dedication and professionalism, all of you are special and you really are our “saviors”. Keep going!

I would also like to say this to all the young people and especially teenagers that have their first sexual experiences: take care of your health and your future, come to the Rex for a mammogram and a Pap test, don’t be lazy, because you are the future of your country. Don’t forget that if you don’t know your partner’s past, their history, you shouldn’t let love and sweet words fool you. 

I would like to invite all women to come for a mammogram, we are very lucky to have this Center here in Fianarantsoa. We need to fight our fears and think about the future of our families, of our country. I can assure you that now I am not worried anymore about my health, I even became a blood donor for the Fianarantsoa hospital, because I like the idea of being able to save a life.


RAHANTANIRINA Soa Nomenjanahary

42 years old, mother of three, teacher in a public secondary school in the province of Fianarantsoa, lives 30 km from Fianarantsoa.

 It’s the second time that I come here, the first time I came to have a Pap test done, but today I want to celebrate the “Pink October” month, like so many other women worldwide, and I want to have a mammogram. It actually is just the right time for it, because 5 days ago I felt pain in my left breast and I am worried for my health. I have been here for two days now, but yesterday I arrived too late and I had to come back this morning. But getting this exam done is essential to me, so I’m waiting for my turn. 

I am really happy because I didn’t know it was free, it’s unheard of! All the hospital services usually cost money; in any other hospital in Fianarantsoa I would have to pay at least 150.000 Ariary to be cured, and that does not include the travel expenses; plus the staff are not at all understanding – if you have no money, you don’t get cured. 

On the other hand, I’m extremely satisfied with the services offered by the Rex, and I would like to sincerely thank those who created this project, all the staff, from the Directors to the cleaning ladies, because everything is so clean and organized. Sometimes it may be a bit scary to come here, but I think that, ever since the Rex was opened, many women in Fianarantsoa managed to escape death and there are a lot less orphaned children. Let’s not forget that taking care of a cancer patient is not easy, not only does the patient suffer but their entire family life is affected, sometimes people are even forced to sell everything they own, their homes, land, crops, cattle…The medicines are extremely expensive.

But in conclusion, avoiding all this is easy: we need to take care of ourselves, that’s the solution, that’s why I talk about the Rex any time I can. Come here, talk to your friends, tell them that cancer is dangerous but avoidable and curable if it is discovered in time. I also like participating to the awareness campaigns, during one of these I was taught the breast self-exam and I truly hope that more people are going to become aware of the importance of getting regular mammograms and Pap tests. 

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!



51 years old, mother of three, cashier in a public hospital in Fianarantsoa. 

As I live in Fianarantsoa, I know this Center, but it’s the first time I come here. I’ve heard about this event on the radio, I just came out of my office, I still haven’t gone home, but I immediately came here for a mammogram. 

My sister passed away from cancer at the age of 42. I saw her pain and how much her family suffered, there was nothing that could’ve been done, it was too late…if only we knew this terrible disease could be cured, maybe my sister…

The reason why I came is because I want to be more aware of my health, I tried to fight my fear and thank God I managed to come here, this is very important for me. 

This Center make us feel safe, and we truly need you. In the name of all the women in Fianarantsoa, I thank you with a capital T, keep going!

I want to encourage all the women, both married and single, to come to the Rex and learn more about their health, to have a mammogram and a Pap test: don’t be scared, it’s not painful and there are no side effects, you can even bring your children for a consultation, everything you need is here. 

Cancer doesn’t choose: in spite of our social class, ALL of us can be affected by it if we don’t take care of our health.



"Enfants du Soleil" an association that works with abandoned women and their children.

We are the staff of the “Enfants du Soleil à Fianarantsoa” association. We came here especially to get a mammogram and a Pap test done during this special month. We have been made aware of this problem through one of the awareness campaigns promoted by the Rex and, after learning more about cancer and its consequences on the life and health of a woman and her family, as well as learning about “prevention” and “screenings”, we decided together to come here and do this. We are a lot more aware of the difficulties that this disease poses to women and we want to know more about our health.

Our message that we want to say to all women is that, no matter your age, you need to overcome the fear of going to a doctor’s and talk to a specialist. Come to the Rex, this center is for everyone, all the staff is nice and welcoming, the doors are open…it’s a home for all of us. 

We also want to say that all women need to come here for a screening for breast and uterine cancer. 

We are lucky to live nearby, but many women come from far away because they trust the staff and the quality of their care. Now we want to help them as much as we can, volunteering and working for the awareness campaigns, we want to get everybody involved and convince everybody that “prevention is better than cure”.

Thank you to the Founder of this project and to all the team, to the Akbaraly Foundation and to the ONG La Vita Per Te.



An orphaned little baby of eight months, cared for in the pediatrics and nutrition departments of the Rex ever since he was three, when he weighed only 1.5 kg. 

He was hospitalized and had to be monitored carefully, because he was extremely small and malnourished. He managed to grow stronger and bigger and now he lives with his grandma. Every Friday they come to the Rex to obtain food and nutritional supplements for free. 

“I would like to thank the Founder of this project from the bottom of my heart, as well as the Directors, the staff and especially the pediatricians and the nutritionist, who became little Kevin’s friends”, says the grandma. “They took great care of us, and I want to thank them for their help and for the love they showed Kevin, ever since we come here to the Center we have a new reason to live and Kevin can have a normal life, like any other boy.

The Rex is Kevin’s second home, he will grow up here, because you all are part of his family. I’m very happy and satisfied with your work, keep going and long live the Rex! I really don’t know how to thank you, I have nothing to give you in payment, but I keep praying for you because you save lives!”.


Sister Mary Justine / Sister Florine

Sister Marie Justine and Sister Florine, of the Congregation of Capuchin Nuns of the Immaculate Lady of Lourdes in Fianarantsoa. They both finished a three week internship at the Rex. 

Sister Mary Justine

I had the chance to participate in this short but intense internship, which really enriched my knowledge and experience when it comes to screening for breast and uterine cancer. I truly convinced myself of the existence of this disease and discovered a few cases of it. Now, not only am I ready to participate to the awareness campaigns, but also to invite all the women I know to come to the Rex for a consultation. The Rex is the first prevention center in the Haute Matsihatra region and the one that, in my opinion, is closest to the people. 

I want to thank the ONG La Vita Per Te and the Akbaraly Foundation, as well as all the staff, for their kindness and understanding. 

Sister Florine

The internship at the Rex was a great discovery; it was short but extremely enriching for me professionally. It was also the first time I heard about Pap tests and breast self-exams. 

With the Pap test, I could learn more about the different kinds of viruses that can affect the uterus and learn to interpret the tests’ results in order to figure out whether a women is ill or not. It was a very important lesson on the importance of good lifestyle choices and adequate personal hygiene. 

The Rex also has a pathology lab, the only one of its kind in Fianarantsoa, thanks to which I learned all the different steps to carry out the analyses. 
In short, an extremely educational experience that shaped me as a professional, now I can talk freely about this topic to women and teach them to take care of their health. I want to invite them all to come to the Rex for a consultation, to prevent uterine and breast cancer. 

Thank you all for the great times we had together, we will hold them in our hearts forever. Thank you all, in the name of our entire Congregation.


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