Lo scorso 28 maggio, la Fondazione Akbaraly ha messo due dei suoi nuovi respiratori a disposizione della città di Toamasina, oltre a donare farmaci essenziali alla regione di Atsinanana, che al momento è la più colpita dal coronavirus.

The respirators were provided by the Kintana Center of the Akbaraly Foundation, represented by its Executive Director, Doctor Francesco Cimino. The devices will be installed at the Manara Penitra Hospital to support the efforts of the medical staff who has been mobilized in order to deal with the current health crisis.

The Kintana Center, located opposite the French Embassy in Antananarivo, is the third health center opened by the Foundation, following the ones in Fianarantsoa and Majunga.

The Center, which is scheduled to open in June, includes a special Covid-19 emergency department with high-tech respirators and equipment.

It will also include several other departments: oncology, cytology, pneumology, cardiology, pediatrics, allergology, ultrasound, consultations against malnutrition, and general consultations.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Akbaraly Foundation has been occupying the position of Leader of the Health Commission of the Humanitarian Platform of the Private Sector in Madagascar.

The Akbaraly Foundation began its actions to combat Covid-19 by raising awareness of hygiene and safety measures through basic training in the field, as well as by donating basic necessities and masks to the city of Antananarivo.

The Akbaraly Foundation is a Humanitarian organization that works to improve life conditions in Madagascar, mainly focusing on women and children health. In 2010, the Foundation launched for woman, the largest project of cancer testing and care in sub-Saharan Africa.
Founded in 2008 by Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly, the Foundation has contributed over the years to a large number of projects across the country. Currently, its projects involving prevention and health care for women and children are located in the poorest areas of the country.

President and Founder Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly works with a talented team of professionals to accomplish the Akbaraly Foundation’s goals and mission