Drepanocytosis is a genetic form of chronic hemolytic anemia that is very common in Madagascar, especially in the South, where the high rates of malaria make the cure and treatment of this disease even more difficult.

Thanks to a new agreement with the LCDM SOLIMAD NGO, the Akbaraly Foundation is committed to supporting the national and international policies in place to combat this disease, in particular by raising awareness and engaging the public and the medical personnel.

Thanks to this partnership, our medical team will be able to acquire all the skills necessary to diagnose, treat and identify this disease, providing more resources to patients and increasing the quality of the treatments available.

We want to thank the President of LCDM SOLIMAD, Pascale Tuseo Jeannot, who has been working on the front line against this disease for over 15 years and who has chosen our Foundation as a partner in Madagascar.