Our approach is both participatory and multi-level: participatory, because we always put the real needs of our beneficiaries first, as we see them during our activities on the ground; multi-level, because we integrate our concrete actions with the creation of public and private partnerships and with advocacy and awareness-raising activities at the institutional level.


To improve the health of women in Madagascar, in 2010 the Akbaraly Foundation launched the 4aWoman project, the first integrated project aimed at preventing and treating cancer in sub-Saharan Africa.

Defined in collaboration with the Malagasy Ministry of Health and with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), 4aWoman aims to create and develop an oncological health system across the country. The project also offers health services dedicated to malnutrition prevention, pediatric orthopedics, mother and child health, OBGYN and many others.

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Created in 2017, the 4aHuman project is based in Milan and aims to offer people in vulnerable situations, both Italian and immigrants, concrete support during the process of social and professional integration. Activities include learning Italian, civic education, personal and professional skills development and job search support. Each beneficiary follows a unique path, adapted to their needs, in order to obtain concrete results in a short time and develop highly sought-after skills.

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In Madagascar, one of the 10 poorest countries in the world, education and children's health are necessary in order to build a better future. Since 1995, the Fihavanana Association has cared for orphans, impoverished children, and youths who are sick or disabled, from birth all the way to their independence and adult age. Many of them, after completing their studies, become an active part of the project and in turn help those who need it most.

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It is an integrated program for the scientific development of traditional and complementary medicine by cultivating medicinal plants, promoting research, and producing essential oils and medicinal plants dedicated both to the poorest populations of Madagascar and the African continent, and to the western world.


The Akbaraly Foundation supports the Nizamuddin Center in Delhi, India, with donations of food, hygienic products and basic necessities for the poorest and most disadvantaged population.



Children helped


Meals distributed


Cases of malnutrition treated


Orthopedic surgery patients


Pap smears done


Breast exams done


People involved in awareness campaigns