This month, our Mobile Unit “Luisa” was involved in a massive outreach campaign aimed at remote areas of Madagascar, where women and children would otherwise have no access to health services of any kind, especially preventative care.

Together with 11 other local and international partners, as well as the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Health, we visited 4 locations over 7 days: Ambohibary, Vatomandry, Antetezambaro and Foulpointe


Hundreds of people queued since the early morning to have the opportunity to benefit from the services available during the event, including cancer prevention and early diagnosis, dental care, endocrinology for diabetes, ophthalmology, neuropsychiatry, HIV prevention and diagnosis, medical imaging, family planning, nutritional advice, vaccines, COVID-19 prevention and diagnosis, and more.

Our amazing team performed over 360 Pap tests to prevent uterine cancer, as well as 350 breast exams and several mammograms and ultrasounds to prevent breast cancer.