The Akbaraly Foundation had the honor of organizing a presentation event dedicated to its last ten years of activities in Madagascar. The event, which took place on June 11, 2024, was an opportunity to share the successes, challenges and future perspectives of the Foundation with distinguished guests, including ambassadors, representatives of the diplomatic corps, Ministers, United Nations partners and other guests working in the public and private sector in Madagascar.

President Cinzia Akbaraly delivered an inspiring speech, highlighting the Foundation’s remarkable achievements over the past decade. She also requested the support and continued commitment of the Foundation’s stakeholders in order to be able to respond to an increasingly high number of requests from the local population, allowing our mission to expand from previously-targeted areas.

The Akbaraly Foundation team then presented the key achievements of the last ten years, demonstrating the positive impact of the Foundation’s activities on the Malagasy community, especially in terms of female cancers: cervical and breast cancer. The Foundation supports 10 health and humanitarian projects, employing 90 people and 6 full-time volunteers.

As the main achievements, in the 2013-2023 period, we can list the following:
➢ 272,000 Beneficiaries
➢ 4,100 Hospitalized patients
➢ 79,500 Breast cancer screenings
➢ 71,500 Cervical cancer screenings
➢ 22,000 Pediatric consultations
➢ 600 Pediatric orthopedic surgery interventions

A presentation on the epidemiology of female cancers in Madagascar was also shared, highlighting the scale of the problem and revealing the importance of awareness and prevention in this area.

Finally, the event closed on a warm note with an invitation to participants to get involved and join the Foundation in its various projects, by welcoming new partners or strengthening existing collaborations and synergies.

The Akbaraly Foundation warmly thanked all participants for their presence and continued support in pursuing its mission to improve the living conditions of Malagasy communities: “Helping a single human being escape from poverty and suffering means, above all, to restore their lost dignity and give them wings to fly. Freedom, let us never forget that, is our divine spark. It is only through freedom that Man can live in peace,” Cinzia Akbaraly.