In April 2024, a historic event took place, with the signing of an agreement between the Akbaraly Foundation and the Ministry of Justice to improve health conditions and the socio-economic reintegration of women detained in Madagascar.

This convention is the result of a joint initiative aimed at strengthening the State’s political program on the improvement of prison conditions, the humanization of detention and the social reintegration of the female prison population.

Currently, prisons suffer from significant overcrowding, which seriously harms the conditions of detention of female prisoners. Recognizing the urgent need to improve these conditions, the Ministry of Justice has engaged in government programs aimed at promoting gender advancement in the prison world, requiring effective partnerships with other entities through the Public-Private Partnership system (3P).

Through this collaboration, the Akbaraly Foundation and the Ministry of Justice are joining forces to provide women prisoners with access to quality health care, with particular emphasis on the early detection and treatment of breast and uterine cancer, as well as on professional social reintegration.

This agreement aims to achieve two major objectives:

  1. Establish a comprehensive program for the prevention, diagnosis and early treatment of cervical and breast cancers.
  2. Facilitate the professional reintegration of detained women by integrating them into the centers managed by the Akbaraly Foundation, taking into account, on the one hand, their skills and profiles; on the other, the needs and requirements of the Akbaraly Foundation.

It should be noted that this agreement builds on the work already undertaken by the Akbaraly Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, in particular through breast and cervical cancer screening campaigns for incarcerated women during the month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.

This partnership thus strengthens the close ties between the Akbaraly Foundation and the Ministry of Justice, demonstrating their shared commitment to improving the lives of all Malagasy women.