On the 5th February 2018, the Akbaraly Foundation, represented by Mr. Tiana Rasamimanana in his role as administrator, signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education, represented by the Minister himself, Mr. Paul Andrianiaina Rabary, and the Rotary Club Mahamasina, represented by Mr. Harindrianja Andrianasolo Rajemison, the President of the Club.
This agreement’s goal is to create a collaboration between these three important entities in order to put in place a system to give free school supplies to public schools.
It is a true partnership, that sees each entity play an important role: the Akbaraly Foundation will deal with the logistics and ensure the transfer of the container with the school supplies from Tamatave to Antananarivo; the Rotary Club Mahamasina will take care of the distribution of the books generously offered by the Rotary Club Beausoleil in the schools of the Analamanga district; and finally the Ministry of Education will ensure the distribution of the school supplies throughout all the school districts in Madagascar.

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