Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly, founder and President of the Akbaraly Foundation, received the “International Women and Men of the Twentieth Century Award” in Assisi for her humanitarian actions dedicated to health, education, and to the protection of the most vulnerable communities, especially women and children.

The Founder was also awarded the “Signs of PeaceAward, as part of an initiative dedicated to the promotion of a culture of peace, supported by the Italian Ministry of Business and ‘Made in Italy’. The leader of the promoting committee – made up of 24 civil society associations – is the Chair of Peace, an educational institution at the service of the United Nations, created to propose new forms of communication for Peace; the co-organizer was the Life Aps Association, with President Rossana Lanati.

During the ceremony, 90 Peace Builders were awarded the “Signs of Peace” award as people who “distinguished themselves for their commitment to promoting peace throughout the world, leading passionate lives dedicated to helping and doing good for others“, commented Renato Ongania, head of the promoting committee.

I was honored to have received these significant awards in Assisi, a city who represents a symbol of Peace, a fundamental value that is at the heart of the mission and daily actions of our Foundation“, commented Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly.