The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the countries where the Akbaraly Foundation operates with extreme violence, in particular India and Madagascar.
In India, the situation is particularly tragic, with over 368 thousand infections a day and thousands of deaths: health facilities complain of dramatic conditions, with a shortage of resources, oxygen and assistance.

The pressure on hospitals is unbearable, as cases continue to increase – a few days ago the Ministry of Health reported a total of 20.3 million official cases since the start of the pandemic, a number that’s almost certainly underestimated.

For this reason, the Akbaraly Foundation has launched an urgent fundraiser to procure oxygen, medicines and basic necessities to be distributed to the most vulnerable people thanks to our 4India project, active on the ground in the city of New Delhi, one of the most affected by the dizzying increase in infections.

A donation of 4 Euros is enough to fill an oxygen cylinder, while the cost of an empty cylinder is around 170 Euros.

Please give us a hand: a small gesture, even as small as the price of a coffee, can make a difference for thousands of people facing an unprecedented crisis.

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