Today, August 11, our team will participate in the National Congress of Pathological Anatomy, organized by the University of Fianarantsoa, where we will present the results of two important studies.

The first is dedicated to the incidence of Pap test positivity in various Regions of Madagascar, as part of the actions of the Akbaraly Foundation’s 4aWoman project, dedicated to the prevention of cervical cancer.

The authors are Dr. Rabodomalala, head of the cervico-vaginal cytology laboratory of the Rex Center in Fianarantsoa, Mrs. Catalfamo Akbaraly, founder and president of the Akbaraly Foundation, Dr. Sala, Representative in Madagascar of the NGO La Vita Per Te and coordinator of the Rex Center, Prof. Andriatsimahavandy, head of the immunology department of the University of Antananarivo, Prof. Rakotomahenina, head of the gynecology service of the Rex Center, Prof. Andriamampionona, head of the pathological anatomy laboratory of the Rex Center, and Dr. Cimino, Executive Director of the Akbaraly Foundation.

The second study is dedicated to the incidence of breast tumors detected from 2013 to 2021 in the three centers managed by the Akbaraly Foundation, and is signed by Dr. Sala, Mrs. Catalfamo Akbaraly, Prof. Andriamampionona, Prof. Rakotomahenina and Dr. Cimino.

This is an important result for the Foundation which, in Madagascar, is the only body to systematically collect scientific, epidemiological, and statistical data on female cancers as part of its research activities.