On February 4, the Akbaraly Foundation celebrated the World Day of the Fight Against Cancer with extraordinary awareness-raising and early diagnosis activities.

In the “Candide” health center in Mahajanga, the activities were dedicated to the wives of the military (Fi.Va.Mi. association) of the Boeny region, for a total of 161 Pap tests and 227 breast exams carried out in just two days.

In addition, our team involved 120 women who participated in the women’s soccer tournament of the “fokontany” (neighborhoods) of Mahajanga in awareness-raising activities, distributing vouchers valid for a free check-up at the Candide Hospital. The 8 participating teams were also given soccer balls and uniforms.

In the South, in the Rex Center, our staff carried out 226 Pap tests, 425 breast exams, 15 mammograms and 10 colposcopies for the early diagnosis of cancer and other pathologies.

Our team, which has always been particularly focused on awareness, has reached over a thousand women through events and animation activities dedicated to prevention, in addition to the radio ads broadcast throughout the Haute Matsiatra region.